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Black Lives Matter Lemonade Stand

Seeing race is not the problem. Refusing to care for the people we see is the problem. The fact that the meaning of race may evolve over time or lose much of its significance is hardly a reason to be struck blind. We should hope not for a colorbind society but instead for a world in which we can see each other fully, learn from each other, and do what we can to respond to each other with love.

— Michelle Alexander, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

Why Black Lives Matter Lemonade Stand

Talking to our community about why we believe Black lives matter.

The Why BLM Lemonade Stand has resumed Saturday programming. Being safe and socially distanced remains necessary as ATW members may be at high risk for contracting COVID-19. We expect volunteers to wear masks. If you are concerned about your health, yet still want to engage with ATW members, we have planned some virtual activities that you can take part in. See our Upcoming Events.

At least two volunteers join in on the festivities of the Williamsburg Farmer’s Market to set-up and volunteer at the Black Lives Matter Lemonade Stand on DOG Street. Come by our tent to see what we do and hear what we say. Pick up a list of suggested readings to better understand the history of Black lives in the U.S.

We encourage everyone to read our FAQ page HERE.

Saturday, July 4th

To volunteer your time at the Why BLM Stand SIGN UP.

To register for our 2021 orientation for interested volunteers for the Why BLM Stand, click HERE.

DON’T FORGET You can join the Why BLM Stand Committee and influence the content of our programming. Click here for more info!